//General Marketing Traffic shift on a Digital Platform

General Marketing Traffic shift on a Digital Platform

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What is Marketing?

Types of Marketing strategies

Niche selection

Traditional Marketing & Modern Marketing

Shift on the Digital Platform

Free Content / Paid Content

Why there is a lot of traffic on the free content

What marketers are doing on the free content platform



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Marketing is very general in daily life. From ancient time, we human are part of the marketing system. It is the system that made life easier for people. how does it happen? It is simple. marketing people bring all the required thing avail to the general people with a price (This price was the exchange of goods). later on, when currency trends become popular, sharing of the goods become the profit-based business that happens on some marketing demands. Over a while. It evolves in the marketing culture or tradition. The world becomes small as traders spread across the globe.

But in the global period where people are purchasing a lot of stuff, it is the result of high-quality sales techniques with the help of the resourceful marketing executive. There is a lot of tells in this segment. you need to keep some passions. I believe that you might be interested to know. Isn’t it?

According to the encyclopedia, “Marketing is advertising, like those false or deceptive ads on television that try to get you to buy something that you don’t really want.”

In the other example of the same “Marketing is like those pushy car salespeople or those salespeople that come to our front doors selling overpriced vacuum cleaners.” it could be American or some other country examples, here I would like to give the simple example form India. “ A man who is definitely salesmen who come with the beautiful scheme that is 2000 rupees five electronic gadgets or the water purifier, washing powder (surf)or papers or pickles. If washing powder came to my mind, who can I forget to tell you the “Nirma” most famous advertisement?

“I hate those rude telemarketers calling at all times of the day and night.”



Marketing is the skilled-based methods required the special methodological techniques? It is not easy for everyone to do the job? Many people are saying that marketing involves deceptive, high-pressure tactics to get them to buy something they do not want. It is not agreeable. While marketing usually involves advertising or personal selling, marketing — practised correctly — should not try to get people to buy things they do not want, nor should marketers use deceptive or pushy tactics to get people to buy. marketing is the unique methods through that a good marketer is creating the trust of the customer with he highly satisfied methods with the proper pricing, promotion, and distribution.

The fundamental aspect of marketing is to satisfy the customer. A satisfied customer is an asset to the company. They are an indirect representative of the products or services. for example the film “Rocket Singh: Salesmen of the year” is presented very well. How much customer satisfaction matters for the product or services? This film also shows that the market is shifting a lot and it is required to change according to its trends.

Also, satisfied customers are more likely to purchase products repeatedly. Furthermore, satisfied customers are more likely to relate positive word-of-mouth to friends and acquaintances, which can increase the chance to turn into sales means to say that they will buy the firm’s product. Indeed, marketing is a process of developing and maintaining long-term exchange relationships with customers. Nevertheless, companies have not always practised this philosophy. but those who have some certain practices are in a win-win position.

Types of Marketing Strategies:

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There are different types of marketing strategies available. Picking up the right marketing strategy includes a lot of research and deep analysis. It is a key role in the success of any growing business. It is the strategy that creates attention to the target audience and specifications of your products in the market.


· Account-Based Marketing
· Affiliate Marketing
· Agricultural Marketing
· Affinity Marketing
· Alliance Marketing
· Ambush Marketing
· Analytical Marketing
· Article Marketing
· Behavioral Marketing
· Blackhat Marketing
· Brand marketing
· Brick and Mortar Marketing
· Business to Business Marketing
· Business to Consumer Marketing
· Business to people Marketing
· Buzz Marketing
· Call Center Marketing
· Campus Marketing
· Catalog Marketing
· Cause Marketing
· Celebrity Marketing
· Channel Marketing
· Close Range Marketing
· Closed loop Marketing
· Cloud Marketing
· Communal Marketing
· Community Marketing
· Computational Marketing
· Consumer Generated Marketing
· Content Marketing
· Contextual Marketing
· Conversion Marketing
· Cooperative marketing
· Corporate marketing
· Cross-media Marketing
· Database Marketing
· Defensive Marketing
· Direct Mail Marketing
· Disruptive Marketing
· Diversity Marketing
· Drip Marketing
· E-commerce Marketing
· Email Marketing
· Entrepreneurial Marketing
· Ethical Marketing
· Evangelism Marketing
· Event Marketing
· Expeditionary Marketing
· Facebook marketing
· Field Marketing
· Flanking Marketing
· Geo Marketing
· Global Marketing
· Guerrilla Marketing
· Green Marketing
· Horizontal Marketing
· In-game Marketing
· Inbound Marketing
· Industrial Marketing
· Influencer Marketing
· Informational Marketing
· Integrated Marketing
· Internal Marketing
· International Marketing
· Interactive Marketing
· Internal Marketing
· International Marketing
· Internet Marketing
· Left — brain Marketing
· Local Marketing
· Longtail Marketing
· Loyalty Marketing
· Mega Marketing
· Mobile Marketing
· Multilevel Marketing
· Multichannel Marketing
· Neuromarketing
· Newsletter Marketing
· Next-Best-Action- Marketing
· Non-traditional Marketing
· Offensive Marketing
· Offline Marketing
· One -to one Marketing
· Outbound Marketing
· Outdoor Marketing
· Pay-per-click-Marketing
· Performance Marketing
· Permission Marketing
· Permission Marketing
· Personalized Marketing
· Persuasion Marketing
· Point of Sale Marketing
· Post click Marketing
· Precision Marketing
· Product Marketing
· Promotional Marketing
· Proximity Marketing
· Pull Marketing
· Push Marketing
· Real-time Marketing
· Referral Marketing
· Relationship Marketing
· Remarketing Marketing
· Reply Marketing
· Reverse Marketing
· Scientific Marketing
· Search Marketing
· Self-Marketing
· Service Marketing
· Shopper Marketing
· Shotgun Marketing
· Social Marketing
· Sports Marketing
· Stealth Marketing
· Targeted Marketing
· Technical Marketing
· Telemarketing
· Time Marketing
· Tradeshow Marketing
· Traditional Marketing
· Undercover Marketing
· User-Generated Marketing
· Vertical Marketing
· Viral Marketing
· Word of mouth Marketing
· Youth Marketing

Reference: https://www.marketing-schools.org/types-of-marketing/

Niche selection :

Niche selection is very important before starting any new business. A perfect niche that decides the company or an entrepreneur or a freelancer success or failure in the market. Sometimes, people are feeling that this niche is not good but they do perform well. But they do perform well in that particular segment. the only reason behind it that they start taking the interest in it. People are always interested to work in a particular segment that wishes them. It is a really important step to start something new, reaching out to an audience and making sales and gain profit.

Niche Selection Step

It is requited of taking a big branch of any specific group with subcategories. It is analysing a list of sub-categories a list of products you want to promote.

“ Aim for a product with high commission rates. The high price factor cancels out when you receive a low commission off the sale. At least aim for 10% affiliate commission to boost your after-sales.”

Reference: https://digitaldeepak.com/affiliate-marketing-niche-websites/ accessed on 12/24/2020

There is numerous way to find out about the niche selection https://thedigitalsumo.com/tips-to-find-less-competition-blogging-niches/ Mr Pawan Chhabra wrote a wonderful article for the niche selection four tips.

There is a leading entrepreneur https://digitaldeepak.com digitaldeepak on the digital platform who had written on the various topic of digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing & Modern Marketing

If we are observing the marketing in general terms, then the first assumption comes in our mind is the sales. It happens in the market and marketers/sales executives moving around for the sales. Tele caller makes a call from the call centre to sales in entire days and night. It is a general assumption that comes in our mind. There is more to know about it.

1. Traditional Marketing Concept:
Traditional marketing is profit-oriented. It focuses on products only and is aimed in the production and marketing of products and gaining more profit.it does not have any special affection for the customer, which means to say the satisfaction of the customer is secondary. It is based on the old marketing concept and refers to a narrow concept. It is completely is based on push marketing. It is one dimensional as the only target of it is to sell the product and get the profit.

Most commonly used traditional marketing strategies are:

  • · Business cards
  • · TV and Radio ads
  • · Billboards and signage
  • · Flyers and brochures
  • · Telephone marketing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing Concept:



  • · Opportunity for powerful creative efforts
  • · Easy to understand
  • · Easier reach to a local target audience
· Little interaction
· Targeted customer is minimal

2. Modern Marketing Concept:

Modern marketing is customer-oriented. It is specialized after considering the customer’s interest. It focuses on customer’s needs. It aims to meet the customer’s satisfaction. It is based on a new marketing concept and refers to a broader concept. It is based on pull marketing. It is multidimensional as along with selling product and getting profit it also emphasizes customer’s satisfaction, planning, after-sales / service and many other variables.

Most commonly used modern marketing strategies are:

· Internet ads

· E-mail marketing

· E-commerce website

· Use of social media

· Marketing automation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Marketing Concept :


· Higher ROI

· Deeper levels of customer engagement and targeting

· Cost-effective

· Opened to larger and bigger markets


· Requires technical skill to be active in digital marketing and the use of internet

· More-costly in implementing.

Reference: https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/difference-between-traditional-marketing-concept-and-modern-marketing-concept/ accessed on 12/24/2020

Shifts on the digital platform

In the earlier period, there were multiple scopes to connect with people directly. Modernity and tech-friendly global period changed everything. People got so busy and they are not easily available or accessible to reach directly due to none availability. Digital platform or virtual platform comes with the evolution where they came on the social digital platform that makes easy to access them According to digital Deepak https://digitaldeepak.com/ in his talk, a new generation will use the only digital platform. Traditional techniques won’t that effective as the target audience will completely disappear except few. But few are not in the considerations, as the wide range is covering most of the vital/active customers that are highly sufficient for market demand. TV ads, radio advertisement and other old techniques shifts on the digital platform. What do we observe nowadays on the digital platform? most of the ads are coming on social media or other platforms. Isn’t it?

Newspaper, tv program and others are full of advertisement that loss of customers interest. It is hard to find the right content that we are looking for? It represents that customers are interest-specific for examples

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Does this person want to buy the trimmer?

Of course!!! Yes. what AI thinks, why do it thinks? There is nothing important about what we are looking for if we are looking for something, it means that we are interested in that thing, maybe now or for the future. it is a simple logic that the viewer has the interest to purchase in future. Here algorithm plays an important role, it shows, again and again, this segment of ads until the product is not purchased or the interest list is not changed. It is the simple AI marketing techniques where the system analyses the customer interest and save it in the database for future reference. The second step reminds the customer until the product is not sold or something like that product, it is what we may call an interest list.

What do you understand from these ads techniques?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has an interest in our interest, means to say that AI is working as an observer to know whatever interests us, means to say that it follows us. Now, it is the Marketing agencies or benefactor who is playing a crucial role here, they are paying a lot for their ads on this platform. even some agencies are creating content for people entertainment so that they can generate traffic. Also, most of the big venture do have their algorithm for the sales to its consumer. an example is above mentions where ads come to Sourrunded the content.

“Sales executive knows that when talking to a potential customer, they should be thinking from the perspective of the buyer’s journey, rather than their own seller’s process. However, not enough sales reps take it a step further by thinking about the buyer’s journey through the lens of the buyer’s thought process and psychology. In truth, the buyer psychology of how purchase decisions are made — why people buy — can be very enlightening and help a sales rep be more empathetic and, ultimately, more successful at their job.”

Reference: https://www.insightsquared.com/blog/why-buyers-buy-the-psychology-of-purchase-decisions/

Free content and paid content :

Free Content :

Free Content, or free information, is a kind of work, artwork, or other creative content which does not have lots of legal restrictions about how people can use it. People have the liberty to use the content for personal use.

Paid Content:

The paid content, or paid information, is a kind of work, artwork, or other creative content which does have lots of legal restriction about how people can use it. people have the liberty to use the content for personal use but payment is required to use the service. examples of cable connection, books, etc.

Why there is a lot of traffic on the free content?

Bingo !!! Free,

It is free then let’s try it. The general human assumption, free, people rush to get it. It is a simple human behaviour to get whatever even it is not important or useful to us. it is the same thing is happening with “bumper Sales”

Do you think free is available?

“In this world nothing is free.”

By Narendra Singh / Naren (chercheur)

It is my personal opinion, there is a price for everything. a false assumption about the “price” that is stick with our brain. We are calculating with only money. Of course! It is the medium of trade. if you are not paying then someone is paying for it. Now the question is who is ‘someone’? It is a nice question. The answer is a benefactor who is going to pay for it. example: Doordarshan ads

How many people remember Doordarshan ads that used to come on the 80th-90th period?

It is a uni-directional advertising method, followed by the companies. Customers are always watching television or listening to the radio program. With the program, there is always some advertisement is coming. It’s completely free for the customers but sales companies are investing a huge amount in creating them and funding the tv entertain program too get the attention of the people. it is monitored by the Doordarshan board who manages all the advertisement activity.

Doordarshan ads

What marketers are doing on the free content platform?

It is a playground with a huge amount of traffic “ people”. These marketers are here with skilful techniques for sales. It’s an open ocean with all type of people. Here, Marketing Executives or companies needs to do a simple task that is “catch a fish ”, means find the right person for the sales of product or services. Also, if the customer is so needy of such products or services will come to you automatically that’s calls “today seeds grow into fruit for tomorrow” means previous hard efforts will bring the fruitful result for tomorrow.

Narendra Singh/Naren(chercheur)

These are marketers, who are looking for the potential customer for the sales and they are paying for it. for example, Youtube ads, a video that has high traffic get more advertisement.

PMS( project management system):

Now, it is interesting to know what is it? it is a platform that the project organizer can manage with the help of a few technical teams. It can be possible on the digital platform. It is convincible that shifting to the digital platform is become more effective to manage multiple things on the same platform. for example, digitaldeepak/ Deepak kanakaraju (reference https://digitaldeepak.com/), the owner of the pixel track is using the LMS (Learning management system) for teaching and managing the assignment for all the students. this particular technology made him a “one-man army” who can perform multiple tasks by himself at the same time.

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This article discusses a brief description, what is marketing? Its types of marketing strategies, how does general marketing / traditional differ from the new marketing techniques. Also, I cover the basic aspects of the free content and paid content and a new shift on the digital platform form the traditional methods.